"Biohandel" - a trade magazine of bio verlag GmbH - sought a way to create a digital offer with added value for its target audience. The goal was to solve a genuine problem for its direct target group (organic store owners): the lack of well-trained specialized staff.

Biohandel App

The challange

Like many other publishers, bio verlag also feels the pressure to digitalize and not only expand its offerings online but also find new ways to monetize. The challenge is to draw on existing strengths and relationships and bring them together in a new system that shows clear added value compared to offline products.

Biohandel Lernkurs

The solution

Together with bio verlag, we developed an eLearning app through which employees can playfully expand their expertise in the organic sector. We managed to primarily utilize existing content from bio verlag and repurpose it in a new, modern form for the learning content. Additionally, interactive advertising opportunities for organic food manufacturers were created. Thus, we succeeded in combining the strengths of the publishing house (content), the business model, and the existing target groups in a new digital medium.

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