Quote Generator for Kern Wassertechnik

Together with Kern Wassertechnik we have developed a quote generator to enable clients to send in their (sometimes complex) quote specs fast, simple and intuitive. Kern Wassertechnik gets all details via Email. A connection to automatically create the clients and inquiry in the CRM is already prepared.

Kern Angebotsgenerator

The Challenge

Kern Wassertechnik receives lots of online inquiries. Quite often the information submitted by clients is not complete creating unnecessary administrative and communicative tasks for clients and company before the quote can actually be created.

With the generator, clients should be able to get their quote faster and easier. Also it was important to not scare clients with a complex form. Hence providing the information should be as fluid and unobtrusive as possible.

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The Solution

We develop a dynamic quote generator that - depending on what the client wants - presents only questions that are relevant for his quote. Of course the generator works on all devices. Pictures can be taken and uploaded directly from the phone in the process.

We have additional information and help for all tricky questions. Furthermore mandatory fields have been reduced to the absolute minimum. The client can simply leave questions unanswered where he is unsure.

Formular Hilfe

The Result

After a short time only the value became clear for the team of Kern Wassertechnik: not only where we able to raise the amounts of quotes coming in but also their quality. Hence time consuming communication pre quoting could be greatly reduced.

Clients like the modern, professional and unobtrusive generator. Our favorite feedback so far: "Usually I don't fill out these things. But this generator looked so nice and professional that I filled it out to the last detail."

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