Lotti is an IoT platform for building sensor technology. Customers of Lotti can equip their commercial spaces with a variety of different sensors, being able to measure pretty much all relevant values: from room temperature to oil level, from table utilization to VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). All data is then sent to our server via its own 4G connection, where we process the data and make it available for evaluation via a dashboard and for download.

Lotti Iot

The Challenge

We took over Lotti like a kind of Frankenstein's monster from another agency. It was a codebase that had grown over the years and turned out to be almost "unmaintainable." However, since our client has big plans for the product, we quickly decided: if this is going to work, we have to redesign the entire platform and rebuild it from scratch.

Lotti Iot 2

The Solution

Said and done. In just over 3 months, we not only created a completely new UX design but also revised every line of code and transferred it into a clean, modular system. Additionally, we created an admin app that allows our client to handle many of the regularly occurring service tasks themselves.

Lotti Iot 3