Packtor the packing list generator creates individual travel checklists for Travelers and Outdoor-Adventurists depending on the person, the destination as well as the type  and duration of the journey.  We developed Packtor and launched it as an iOS, Android and browser app. As of today over 500 K packing lists were created and furthermore over 40 K user have opened an account.

Packtor Start

The challenge

The packing list creator was developed as a USP for the launch of the outdoor and travel platform Packwild. 

User should get helpful free and paid options for the generator. All created lists and upgrades should be available on all devices and synch automatically. Furthermore lists should be shareable with friends and travel companions.

Packtor Gen

The solution

We develop list elements for different types of travel. User set there travel parameters via smart filter in a playful generator. We also integrated a few services like a weather API that automatically gets the forecast of the travel destination and adjusts clothing recommendation.

User can freely edit and further individualize the created lists. If the user creates an account he can share his lists with travel companions and friends and furthermore use them on all his devices. 

The app is extendable with different types of in-app purchases: more saved lists, more options in the generator and ad-free for all devices. Even though the app is very intuitive from the ground up we still provide tutorials to explain and introduce new features. Packtor very often made the news and still creates a lot of traffic for Packwild to this day.

We have developed the app with web technologies. This allowed us to use the same core code for the iOS, Android and browser application. Maintaining the code base and rolling out new features is a lot easier and cheaper with this approach.

Packtor List