We are digital problem solvers und companions

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Some people already know exactly what they want. Others have a rough plan or just a first idea. No matter which type you are and which digital challenge you are facing - we take you from idea, to development, to launch and further.

We develop #SOLUTIONS

for the digital future of your business.
Digital is so much more than just websites! Together we identify your digital potential. Once we understand your goals, brand, customers and industry, we want to find the idea which will yield the most reward for your business. We can accompany you in all further steps: from concept to design to code to launch.


  • Web and mobile apps
  • Online shops
  • Marketing tools
  • Reporting tools
  • Monitoring Tools
  • Client service platforms
  • Process automation

We create #PRODUCTS

for founders and startups.
There are a lot of really good ideas out there just waiting to be turned into reality. As a technical partner we accompany founder and startups with lots of know-how and resources from idea, to MVP, to launch and further. Let's realize ideas that make users and creators happy!


  • SaaS applications
  • Mobile apps
  • Custom eCommerce shops
  • Dynamic content websites

We realize #IDEAS

as technical partner for agencies and freelancer.
As a technical partner for agencies and freelancer, we bring a lot of digital prowess and capacities to the table. Together we realize pixel perfect client wishes and keep a keen eye on strategy, budget and timing.


  • Design to HTML/WP/Templates
  • Mobile apps
  • Online shops
  • Client service platforms