how we work

How we work

Yours or ours: we hate wasting time and money! That's why we have an optimised, objective driven process that enables us to tackle projects with the upmost transparency and efficiency for our clients.

1. Understand the problem

…and find the best solution

First things first! We don't just sell you a website or online tool. We want to solve or optimise your (or your clients) needs and help you with your business.

That's is why we dig deep at this step. We want to make sure we truly understand your business and it's challenges to find the best solution.


2. Fix the goal, concept a minimal version

…to get the product on the road fast

A minimal viable product (MVP) is a term from the startup world. We believe it's a very helpful groundwork for any product or tool development.

What would a very minimal version look like that gets the job done? Think kick scooter instead of car. Let's build that first. This approach has two major advantages: we get results very quickly and never lose focus on what's important.

We then iterate and expand on the MVP until it matches our envisioned goal.


3. Plan, build, present, improve / repeat

We have the plan - time to roll up our sleeves

Wether for the MVP or when adding features to the full product - we strongly believe in an agile, iterative development cycle.

Working in small, transparent steps has many advantages: they are easier to monitor, easier to budget, easier to control and most important produce better results faster.

Sounds complicated? Don't worry, we're doing the heavy lifting. All we'll need from you is about an hour of your time every two weeks to keep you up to date with progress and gather your feedback.


4. Launch, further development and maintenance

How we proceed after our launch party

We keep you going after the successful launch. We can dive deep into user behaviour and find insights on how to improve the product further.

And of course we are also around for maintenance, bugfixes, tech updates and any further digital challenges you might be facing.