viabam is a startup selling tours, transfers and activities for city destinations to the spanish speaking market. We have created a fully customized ecommerce solution for their needs. From server to UX to logo design.

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The Challenge

Clients should flow through the booking process intuitively and happy - no matter if on their phone, tablet or laptop. Tour offers and availabilities  should get processed and updated automatically and also the whole standard communication process with clients and operators should run automated.

The tech should allow for individual terms and offers mechanisms for tour operators. And lastly - even though initially focused on the Spanish-speaking Market - the whole tech should be build multilingual and SEO optimized from the ground up.

Viabam App Mock

The Solution

We develop a clear design for all communication channels that guides user intuitively and pricely during the information and bying process.

All tours, availabilities and bookings are handled and maintained by a custom CMS. The whole backend is build from an individualized open source headless CMS with user-friendly UX and several, API based webservices.

Booking notifications for tour operators and clients are handled automatically via E-Mail and API connections. Clients can also view and manage their booking in an online self-service area.

The first version of this site went live afte only 3 month of development. viabam made it's first sale 2 days later. In it's first year the eCommerce site turned over more than 350 K €.

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