viabam is a startup selling tours, transfers and activities for city destinations to the spanish speaking market. We have created a fully customized ecommerce solution for their needs. From server to UX to logo design.

Viabam Home Mock


Packtor the packing list generator creates individual travel checklists for Travelers and Outdoor-Adventurists depending on the person, the destination as well as the type  and duration of the journey.  We developed Packtor and launched it as an iOS, Android and browser app. As of today over 500 K packing lists were created and furthermore over 40 K user have opened an account.

Packtor Start


myDash is an all-in-one  dashboard for blogger and affiliate marketer. It collects all relevant performance data from different sources and displays them on one beautiful dashboard - ready to be analyzed. Furthermore, subscribers can get daily, weekly and monthly Emails with the performance of their websites right into their inbox.

Mydash Mock

Quote Generator for Kern Wassertechnik

Together with Kern Wassertechnik we have developed a quote generator to enable clients to send in their (sometimes complex) quote specs fast, simple and intuitive. Kern Wassertechnik gets all details via Email. A connection to automatically create the clients and inquiry in the CRM is already prepared.

Kern Angebotsgenerator